Hello From the Nearth


Pronounced like Earth but with an N.
I’m about to be 22 years old, and this is not the first time I write my first post.

I’m not even gonna title it that. It would be a total lie if I did. This may not be my first post but it is going to be the first of many. Why? ‘Cause I’m going to succeed this time (yes, this also isn’t the first time I try creating a blog, heck, I wrote my first link to a blog back when I was a freshman in High School) try, try again, right?


One thing is for sure, I’m not holding myself back from whom I really am. I’ll stop being afraid, I hope I inspire someone out there to do the same.

Before anything else, a couple of things…

I’m a fighter.
I’m a creator.
I’m a storyteller.
I’m a mess.

(but the good kind)


Don’t know which artist to credit the drawing, I will be updating it later. 


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